Russian Foreign Ministry: Russian ships are not involved in smuggling weapons

By Curious

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on 2 days ago that Moran Security Group's ship (Myre Seadiver) transporting a some weapons, which was stopped by Nigerian authorities over the weekend, was not involved in weapons smuggling.
The Nigerian authorities have stopped the vessel for a routine inspection because there were weapons on the ship for protection against the pirates in the area.
It is curious that the Nigerian officials were aware about the weapons on board because ship's agent informed the port of Lagos, any allegations of smuggling are pointless in this case.
The ship was transporting the weapons in order to be well protected against sea gangs in the region who frequently attack ships along the Nigerian coast.
Russian diplomats is clarifying the situation with the Nigerian authorities. Negotiations for releasing the ship are taking place.
14 Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles with about 5,000 rounds of ammunition, was discovered on board.
Crew is safe and in good health with phone and internet connection with Russia.