Reported 5 missing sailors after theIr boat sank in South China Sea

By Accidents

There are 5 seafarers reported missing after Typhoon Son-Tinh sank their vessel in the South China Sea near the city of Sanya on Sunday, informed the maritime authorities.
The local maritime rescue center in Sanya, Hainan Province, obtained a report at about 6 a.m. saying an unpowered engineering boat half-sanked near a cargo terminal of Sanya after being hit by strong winds.
There had been 5 crew-members that were awaiting rescue as they clung to the deck that remained over the sea, the information told.
Sanya's maritime safety administration claimed they have launched a search that involved rescue ships and helicopters.
The island province of Hainan experienced gales and high waves since Saturday as Typhoon Son-Tinh brushed into that area. Local maritime authorities have urged all shipping vessels to return to port and ferry services into and out of the island has been suspended out of safety concerns.