The Dissapeared vessel in Sea of Ohotsk is still Missing

By Accidents

The Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Sea saving coordination center informed that a Russian vessel with 11 crew members went missing in the Sea of Okhotsk on Sunday.
“The Amurskoye motor vessel disappeared on Sunday morning after sending a distress signal. We are now searching for the disappeared vessel but have so far failed to find it,” the rescue center informed.
“An emergency beacon was turned on. Very likely, it simply fell over the board. That is why, we can not yet say that the vessel has sunk,” the rescue center also stated.
The emergency beacon sent a signal at 08:15 a.m. Moscow time (05:15 GMT) close to the Shantar islands in the southwestern area of the Sea of Okhotsk sea. The tanker ship Novik that arrived at the scene of the beacon’s distress call, didn't discover the ship.
The search and rescue actions is complicated by a severe storm at the scene of a possible shipwreck of the rescue vessels.