Asylum seekers that attacked a fishing boat arrested

By Piracy

14 asylum seekers face charges for attacking a fishing vessel and throwing its crew into the water to die have been caught by Sri Lankan authorities.
The twelve men, a woman and a girl were sent back by Australian authorities and were put in jail after crossing the border in Sri Lanka 5 days ago - information from the police.
2 of the throwed fishermen were saved by other vessels sailing nearby hours after their boat was attacked a week ago. 3 other people from the crew are still missing.
The asylum seekers went to Australian waters where they were captured by authorities.
Navy of Sri Lanka has put in jail a lot of people trying to cross the border of Australia in boats over the past weeks. They are mostly ethnic Tamils who survived a quarter-century civil war between government troops and and the now-defeated separatist Tamil Tiger rebels.
Australia is is not able to stop a surge of would-be refugees from poor or war-torn countries including Afghanistan, Iran and Sri Lanka.
A lot of people have lost their lives trying to sail to the country for the last year.