HMS Bounty helpless at sea, west of Hurricane Sandy

By Accidents

The Coast Guard has received information for a distressed vessel with 17 crew members onboard. The vessel is named HMS Bounty and is about 90 miles southeast of Hatteras, N.C., 160 miles from Hurricane Sandy's center.
There were no connection with the ship since Sunday. Even the owner didn't know what is happening with its ship.
The Coast Guard confirmed that the vessel needs help.
HMS Bounty was found from the Coast Guard crew from Air Station Elizabeth City and made a contact with the people onboard.
The problem is that the ship cannot move on its own.
The ship is located approximately 160 miles west of the eye of hurricane Sandy.
HMS Bounty was built for the 1962 movie Mutiny on the Bounty with Marlon Brando and has since appeared in many other films. It tours the world offering summer camp and maritime educational opportunities.