Sandy storm takes 13 victims in US, Canada and keeps going on...

By Accidents

Officials in the U.S. eastern states have informed for 12 victims after super storm Sandy crossed the coast, with 1 woman dead in Canada.
At least thirteen people have been died in the US and Canada as the mega-storm Sandy slammed into the U.S. east coast, tearing down trees and power lines with hurricane-strength gusts.
Local officials in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and North Carolina informed twelve dead from the massive storm system, and Toronto police told a Canadian woman was killed by flying debris.
At least 5 people were killed by the storm in New York state, which also includes a 30-year-old man crushed by a fallen tree in the New York City borough of Queens, a spokesman for Governor Andrew Cuomo stated.
There are 2 people who were killed in Morris County, New Jersey when a tree fell on a vehicle, according to a local emergency management official report.
Another 2 people have been killed in Pennsylvania, 1 from a falling tree and another when a house collapsed, an emergency management official informed, without providing further details.
Elsewhere together the east coast, a US sailor on board a replica of the HMS Bounty was recovered from the sea and later died at hospital, and the captain was missing and feared dead after the tall vessel went down off the Carolinas.
Another woman in Maryland died after hydroplaning into a tree, officials informed.
And in West Virginia, a 48-year-old woman died when her car crashed with a cement truck while driving through heavy snow caused by the storm, a local official informed.
Further north, in Toronto, Canada, another woman died when she was hit by flying debris, according to police statement.
In addition to the missing vessel's captain, the US Coast Guard also told it was also searching for a 40-year-old swimmer that went missing off the coast of Connecticut.
As a hurricane, Sandy took at least 67 victims - including a US national in Puerto Rico - as it swept through the Caribbean over the past few days but had been expected to morph into a far more powerful storm on Monday.