Tanker ship Runs Aground by the Superstorm Sandy: VIDEO

By Accidents

The powerful hurricane surges from Superstorm Sandy caused a approximately 170-foot water tanker to run aground in Staten Island, N.Y., on Monday night.
The front 3rd of the tanker is grounded into Front Street. The city’s waterfront was largely damaged, including a number of businesses on the water.
The 168-foot tanker "John B Caddel" was moored about a mile away when the powerful force of the Sandy storm propelled it toward land.
Fortunately no one was on the tanker and no one was hurt as a result of it running aground of the tanker. Sandy struck the East Coast on Monday night, leaving a trail of massive flooding, power outages and destruction.
The President of the US, Barak Obama has issued disaster declarations for New York and New Jersey.