The China COSCO Shipping Corporation, the world’s largest maritime carrier, will send more cargo vessels on Arctic voyages through the Northeast Passage.

COSCO’s freighter Yong Sheng set out Saturday in northern port city of Tianjin for Britain, according to an online news release.

More Chinese ships to travel on Arctic route

General Cargo Ship Yong Sheng - Image: Miranda Reiffers Te Loo

The ship will travel through the Arctic Ocean shipping route for the third time following voyages in 2015 and 2013, when it became China’s first commercial vessel to explore the Northeast Passage.

At least two more huge freighters will travel on the route in August in separate voyages, said the company.

An Arctic trip can be shortened by one third of the conventional Malacca-Suez route. The COSCO said the Arctic shipping route will promote China-Europe trade.

Source: Xinhua