Disappeared gold vessel was not properly manned and had no certificate for sailing

By Accidents

The disappeared Amurskaya vessel wasn't equipped for the transportation of bulk cargo on what seems to have been its last voyage.
The cargo ship that was carrying 700 metric tons of gold ore and vanished in the Sea of Okhotsk on 28th of October, 2012 had no permission to sail according to the Far East Investigative Committee Transport Division.
It was also in breach of minimum crew members requirements.
In addition, the investigation has established that the ship wasn't equipped for the transportation of bulk cargo, and wasn't certified fit to transport raw materials.
While the ship had a capacity of 611 metric tons the investigation guess that the cargo onboard weighed 700-750 metric tons of gold ore.
The criminal case opened in relation with the ship’s disappearance is currently considering 3 scenarios:
1) it was swept out to sea in a storm,
2) technical malfunction and
3) the navigation violations.