Captain fined after collision in Dover Straits

By Accidents

The captain of a cargo vessel pleaded guilty to 3 offences and fined £2500.
The Spring Bok is a cargo ship registered in Netherlands. The date is 24 March 2012, the ship was sailing from Rotterdam to Aruba and when was moving in the South West lane of the Dover Straits Traffic Separation Scheme collided with a Gas Carrier. The reason for the collision had to be clarified by the investigations.
The visibility that day had been quite bad. Captain Koningstein announced that he had seen the other vessel 20 minutes before the accident. Damages on the vessels were minor.
There is information that the Captain of the Gas carrier changed the course right after seeing that the 2 ships will collide, that saved the ships.
Captain Koningstein pleaded guilty because of the poor visibility and had made all possible to avoid the collision.