In search for the missing russian cargo ship in the Sea of Okhotsk

By Piracy

There is an information from yesterday that divers will investigate for the mysteriously disappeared Russian cargo vessel the Amurskaya a week ago.
The ship is a bulk freighter and was heading to the port of Okhotsks with a cargo of gold ore (700 tons). 9 people were onboard.
The amphibious aircraft Beriev Be-200 discovered oil spots on the water with the aid of an echo depth sounder. An object was identified at the depth of 25 metres. Probably this is the missing ship.
What are the plans?
Divers will investigate the object if the weather conditions are good in the area.
A distress call of the Amurskaya was sent on October 2008 near the Shantar islands in the southwestern portion of the Sea of Okhotsk.
The tanker Novik went to see what is all about but didn't found any vessels in that location.