Low Somali Pirate Attacks and Increasing Elsewhere

By Curious

Pirate activity jumped 52% compared to September, driven by expanded attacks in the Gulf of Guinea, and off Indonesia.
Somali piracy remains low, with 3 attacks reported. Notably, a pirate group opened fire on naval war vessel. 

Attacks heightened in West African waters where 2 tanker vessels were hijacked, and 7 crew members were kidnapped from an oilfield supply ship.
Attacks increased for the 3rd consecutive month in South-East Asia; notably 1 tanker was hijacked for the purposes of fuel theft, akin to the type of piracy seen off West Africa. 

There is no information about attacks in South America.

At least 177 crew members are currently held off Somalia, with many facing detention periods of over 300 days, at a current average of 170 days. There were 2 ships that were released for ransom in October. Average ransom amounts are nearly $5 million at present.