Cooperation among China, the United States and Africa can effectively fight maritime piracy in Africa, a UN senior official said here.

UN General Secretary special representative Mohamed Ibn Chambas made the remarks on the sidelines of the two-day meeting which kicked off on Wednesday.

About thirty diplomats and experts from Africa, China and the United States discussed collective strategies to address maritime security, protect the blue economy in the Gulf of Guinea and promote peace in the Sahel region.

Africa-China-U.S. cooperation can effectively fight maritime piracy in Africa: UN representative


The first day of trilateral consultation among Africa, China and the United States has laid the ground for further cooperation on fight against maritime piracy in Africa, he said.

“China and U.S., two world powers and members of the UN security council, have close partnership with African continent,” he said.

“If these two powers can cooperate with the African continent, especially in the field of maritime security, then Africa will benefit from their expertise as well as of their technology in the fight against piracy.”

Chambas, also chief of UN Bureau for West-Africa and Sahel, said that African continent needs strategic partners to address maritime security challenge it is facing.

He also underscored that China and the United States can mount a tangible fight against illicit trafficking conducted by sea toward the African continent.

“These trafficking, involving narcotics, firearms and petroleum are likely to destabilize African countries and hinder their development, as they nurture violence and instability,” he said.

Source: Xinhua