Owner of the Russian cargo ship with 700 Tons of gold ore arrested

By Accidents

The owner of the missing Russian cargo ship has been arrested. A week ago M/V Amurskaya disappeared with nine crew members onboard and with cargo 700 tons of gold ore in the Sea of Okhotsks.
The CEO of the Nikolayevsk-on-Amur Sea Port was charged because of negligence and resulting to the death of the crew members.
There is an information that the cargo ship M/V Amurskaya left the port of Kiran without authorisatoin documents and was not created to transport bulk cargo.

The vessel had been transporting gold ore ore mined at the Avlayakan deposit, St. Petersburg-based Polymetal.
The cargo of the ship is estimated $800,000.
For the moment the bad weather is not allowing any investigations.