Collided chemical tanker Norgas Cathinka – serious threat

By Accidents

The chemical tanker is a serious threat with his cargo 3000 metric tons of highly flammable and explosive chemicals. Norgas Cathinka is detained at Merak Port by the operator because of a collision with a ferry 2 months ago. The chemical tanker has to be repaired quickly because of all propylene(a flammable gas produced by cracking (breaking down) petroleum and used to make plastics and isopropyl alcohol ) onboard.

Singapore-based Norgas Carriers informed about its condition - "Detaining of the ship for an extended period of time will cause disruption in propylene handling and this may pose a threat to public safety."
"Any failure of the cargo tank safety relief valves will lead to a direct release of vapor to atmosphere and any failure of the cargo compressors will lead to the ship [being] incapable of liquefying her cargo. This will lead to increased tank pressures and the lifting of the relief valves."
The chemical tanker collided with a passenger ferry who capsized after the hit. 43 people died in the accident.
The tanker's captain and chief officer are charged by the police for recklessness.