UK MAIB publishes report on the investigation of Saga Sapphire accident

By Vessels

Investigation of two men overboard from MV Saga Sapphire while conducting a lifeboat drill
UK MAIB - Marine Accident Investigation Branch has made public a report regarding the investigation of 2 men overboard from MV Saga Sapphire while conducting a lifeboat drill alongside No 106 berth Southampton on 29 March 2012.
What the report says?
At 10:20 on 29 March 2012, 2 people from the crew fell 22m into the water from Saga Sapphire's No 5 lifeboat while the ship was secured port side alongside in Southampton. They were injured but it was not so bad.
At 10:00, an inspection by the Port State Control, a drill had been started and the starboard side lifeboats were lowered and held alongside deck 9.
by their tricing pennants.
No 5 lifeboat's bowsing tackles were rigged, tensioned from the coach roof and secured to bitts welded to the bowsing tackle blocks fitted to the lifeboat lifting plates.
The tricing pennants had to be released, the first cook had no success to remove the drop-nosed pin.
He received help from the 4th officer.
Then the officer removed the pin and operated the release lever, the first cook stepped to one side and the forward bowsing rope came free from the bitts. Without tension on the bowsing tackle, the lifeboat swung violently away from the ship's side and heeled to port.
The 2 men didn't think about their safety and didn't use personal restraint. Well, that was the reason why the fell into the water. The were quickly rescued by the others crew members.
The Acromas Group has started a review of the refit project management and
the result of the refit completion delays. More of that, some changes have been done to the lifeboat-related documentation, equipment and procedures.