4 Suspected will be prosecuted in Netherlands

By Piracy

4 people from Somalia are facing charges for piracy and violence against Dutch troops.
The suspected pirates are transported to Eindhoven Air Base.
What is the story?
The ship NHLMS Rotterdam was attacked on 25 October by pirates when tried to check a dhow off the Somali coast.
When Dutch troops were close to the dhow a fire started. The dhow had been obviously hijacked.
The Marines from the Dutch ship were unharmed and also fired at the dhow and people onboard had to jump in the water. NHLMS Rotterdam saved the suspected pirates from drowning.
The captain of the dhow informed the authorities that 6 of the people who were onboard of the dhow were pirates. 2 original crew members of the dhow are missing, 1 killed.
2 pirates and 6 people of the crew needed treatment.
The research is being conducted by the Royal Military Police, headed by the National Office.
A court in Rotterdam recently convicted nine Somalis of piracy and sentenced them to four-and-a-half years imprisonment.