Exclusive: Injured pair Saved from stranded yacht

By Accidents

The mother of a New Zealand girls was saved from a damaged yacht in the Pacific this morning.
Aucklander Tania Davies, 43-years old and Australia-based Briton Steve Jones, 52-years old, had become stranded 1260 kilometers from New Zealand after their yacht Windigo was rolled in 10 m seas 600 km off Tonga on Wednesday evening.
They were pulled aboard the container vessel Chengtu today, after continued rough weather conditions delayed the rescue operation.
"They were thrown heaving lines, big thick ropes by the crew members of the container ship, and then winched aboard the Chengtu," told Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator Keith Allen.
The container vessel is now heading to South to meet the New Zealand Navy ship HMNZS Otago where the pair is going to be treated for their wounds.
Both crew members aboard the Windigo sustained mild to moderate head wounds after their 11.6 m yacht rolled 2 days ago 700 km southwest of Tonga. Jones has also suffered a back wound. None of the injuries were believed to be serious for their health condition.
The 2 families were relieved and excited to know the rescue has been successful.
"It feels fantastic. The is no other word for it. I'm looking forward to a phone shortly after they have a hot cup of tea and a shower," told Davies, the mother of Annette Bayly.
"She is a girl who likes a bit of an adventure but she has never found herself in a situation as this before," she informed.
Davies' father told he is never again going to question the money spent on rescuing vessels.
"I've often told to myself why do waste time to pick up these vessels in trouble, but I have absolutely changed my opinion after the operation they have gone to, to rescue my daughter," told Martin Davies.
In the UK, Jones' family was spreading the news around friends and family.
The yacht was found by an New Zealand Air Force P-3 Orion early yesterday morning and its location had been observed by the French government from Noumea.
Search and Rescue praised the cooperation involved in the rescue operation.
The container vessel and another yacht had been standing by overnight, maintaining contact with the Windigo, while swells and high winds made a rescue operation really dangerous. The Chengtu vessel arrived at the yacht's location at around 3.40 am and the yacht Adventure Bound has also been on the scene overnight.
It is going to be at least another 2 days before the HMNZS Otago yacht arrives back in New Zealand.