A fishing trawler that was carrying fish bait for fish farms capsized in Grand Harbour (Valletta, Malta) yesterday afternoon after it was hit by a cargo ship.

The incident happened at about 12.10pm LT at Laboratory Wharf.

Fishing trawler capsizes in Valletta after collision with heavy-lift cargo ship Maria; Three boats hit

Sources said that the heavy-lift cargo ship Maria (8,383 tons) suffered a mechanical failure as it was about to berth. It hit the fish farming Italian-registered vessel Angela Arcella which was moored alongside, leading it to capsize.

The MV Maria (left) seen after it berthed alongside the grain terminal. Image courtesy: Matthew Mirabelli

The Maria also hit the moored Congo-registered cargo ship Union which then broke its moorings and hit the tugboat Lieni, without causing damages.

Two crewmen of the Angela Arcella jumped into the sea and later were taken to hospital, although they were not seriously injured.

Measures are being taken to prevent seawater contamination.

MARIA - IMO 9266566

Heavy-lift cargo ship Maria - Image courtesy: Roeland.J

Source: Times Of Malta