Finally: The Aground Tanker ship is Towed away from Pattinapakkam coast

By Accidents

After 6 unsuccessful attempts, the MT Pratibha Cauvery ship was finally towed away by Malviya 21 in its 7th attempt on Sunday at 6.20 pm. The MT Pratibha Cauvery vessel ran aground on October 31, 2012 off the Pattinapakkam coast after Cyclone Nilam’s landfall.
Fishermen and official authorities alike burst into high fives and improvised hugs as the lights on MT Pratibha Cauvery shrank to needle streaks within few minutes.
Earlier on Sunday, Union Minister for Shipping G K Vasan revised the tanker’s progress together with the salvage crew members of the SMIT Salvage company.
The vessel had already turned 120 degrees towards the sea in the morning and another 77 degrees was required to get it moving, told Port officials. The schedule was to wait for the high tide at 6:00 pm as the higher water level help dislodge the tanker. Malviya 21 kept turning the vessel from one direction to the other to set the sand underneath loose. After 4 anxious hours, the tanker vessel gave way when the high tide set in 6:00 pm and finally began moving at 6:20 pm.
He greeted the salvage company and stated that the tanker vessel would be docked in the outer range of the Chennai port. He also added that they didn't use the services of MCI Ratna, the other towing boat, as the vessel would be pulled in 2 distinct directions. He also thanked the fishermen that rescued the lives of 5 crew members of Pratibha Cauvery and hoped that the High Court case on the remuneration to the crew members would be solved soon. “The Ministry of Shipping is also going to see if we can secure remuneration to their family members,” he stated.