Power Hybrid Ferry Conversion to be powered by Corvus Batteries

By Vessels

Corvus Energy to provide world’s biggest ever hybrid propulsion marine battery pack for a Scandline diesel-electric ferry conversion.
A 2.7MWh power pack with AT 6500 lithium polymer battery system will be used by Scandline for a conversion in an existing diesel electric ferry which will result in lower gas emissions, lower maintenance costs and optimized engine performance.
This green technology will be implemented for the first time in the marine sector. Corvus’ AT6500 6.5kWh energy modules are capable to be charged in half an hour. This will result also in noise reduction.
Using this batteries is cost profitable and an another way to give energy for hybrid ferries.
Corvus gives more power and this result in better performance and makes the life of diesel power drive lines longer according to Siemens.

The AT6500 modules helps ship system integrators and designers an another source of more energy that creates the opportunity to redesign systems to make system more simple and costs throughout the ship.