A court decision in favour of cargo owners about 2005 collision

By All

A US Lower court took a decision in favour of cargo ship owners. All was about an accident, a collision and explosion in the Yellow Sea in 2005.
The general cargo vessel (30,000 DWT) Rickmers Genoa (nowadays known as Rickmers Dalian) collided with considerably smaller cargo ship 5,760DWT Sun Cross sailing at South Korean flag.
The bigger cargo ship destroyed the smaller one which sunk in minutes – 13 of its 15 crew members died having no time for any reaction.
Rickmers Genoa was also damaged and its cargo formed a chemical reaction with the water resulting in a huge explosion killing the first captain.
The big cargo vessel transporting containers with hazardous material purchased by ESM Group were completely useless, cargo owners were sued for losses.
The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit took a decision in favor of the cargo owners.