Sailors from India kidnapped by Somali pirates

By Piracy

7 Indian sailors were kidnapped from MV Asphalt Venture (2 years ago) and are held hostages by Somali pirates.
Shipping firm OMCI is hoping for help from Kerala government.
Indian sailors are kept hostages for 2 years. Their asphalt/bitumen tanker was attacked by the bandits on its way to South Africa from Kenya.
The ship and 8 people were released in April last year but 7 of them are still kept hostage.
In the beginning Somali pirates did no ask for a ransom for these 7 people but now they are.
The pirates want 5 million dollars.
There were negotiations of releasing some pirates from the prison for exchange of the Indian sailors.
The shipping company OMCI was accused by relatives of the hostages that had abandoned the sailors.