First transport from Salerno, Italy, gets under way / “Cerinthus” transports train with six cars / Total of 42 trains with 252 metro cars to depart for Lima by February 2019

Hapag-Lloyd loaded a metro train with six cars yesterday in Salerno, Italy. The train will be shipped aboard the Cerinthus to the Peruvian port of Callao. From there, it will be transported to the capital Lima using low-loader trucks.

Hapag-Lloyd transports 42 metro trains to Peru

Image courtesy: Hapag-Lloyd

The journey from Italy to Peru will take around 29 days. 42 metro trains with a total of 252 cars will be shipped to Peru by February 2019. The modern, driverless trains have been built in Italy and are destined for the newly constructed Line 2 in the Peruvian capital.

The cars, each measuring 17.6 metres in length and weighing 35 tonnes, are loaded onto the ship over the course of the morning using special cranes. Preparations for this transport began almost half a year ago, with both the Hapag-Lloyd Special Cargo Team in Hamburg and specialists on the ground in Italy involved.

“Hapag-Lloyd has decades of experience in transporting out-of-gauge goods. Once again, we have now been able to prove our expertise with this very complex and intricate project”, said Thorsten Haeser, Chief Commercial Officer at Hapag-Lloyd.

The value of all of the trains to be transported amounts to around half a billion US dollars.

Source: Hapag-Lloyd