The famous Black Pearl sets sail again

By Curious

The ship from the famous movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" is sailing again on the back of a container ship.
The Black Pearl is known by fans for her impressionable speed and invisibility in night.
In real life the ship that took part in the movie is a proper sailing ship, a propeller-driven boat clad in a tall ship set.
The Black Pearl will be moved from Hawaii to Long Beach Harbor in California. At that place the ship will wait for the next movie to be part off.
In the screenplay, The Black Pearl was first called Wicked Wrench before she was burned and sunk by Lord Beckett.
She was next salvaged from the seabed by Davy Jones in a pact with Captain Sparrow, who gave her the name "Black Pearl".
What is the size of the ship?
140 foot long, 270 tons.