Drunk captain guilty for a collision in Belfast Lough

By Accidents

Investigations in UK showed that on 7 March the drunk captain of MV Union Moon was guilty for a collision between its ship and the ferry Stena Feronia.
The Master did not choose the right course affected by the alcohol. The incident happened near the mouth of Belfast Lough in northeast Ireland. The Stena Feronia did not suffer serious damage, the passengers were frightened a lot. The passenger ferry's GT is 21,856 and the GT of the cargo ship only 1,543.
The MV Union Moon was quite damaged. The captain was arrested because he was found drunk.
There were not reported injuries.
Other factors also contributed to the hit like the lack of clear guidance for the traffic. Bridge teams also did not take any action to prevent the collision.
The captain of the Union Moon was sentenced to 1 year imprisonment.