Ways to escape the pirate menace

By Piracy

Somali pirates have been terrorizing ships for years. Pirate activity in recent months dropped considerably. With common efforts and with the help of NATO sea lanes are safer.
What advices should merchants ships take for avoid the menace?
If a vessel is hijacked that costs the owners millions of dollars and the life of the crew members is at risk. So people onboard the ships have to follow some advices in order to deal with the pirates.
1. Be ready all the time. Radar will often help to discover the larger pirate mother ships, but the smaller speedboats transporting the pirate boarding party can only been seen by lookouts. Night-vision equipment is a good idea. The pirates do their move at night.
2. Vessels have to avoid unidentified objects at sea. Pirates like to use mother ships, cargo ships and ocean going fishing ships. When you see a suspicious vessel you can contact the nearest anti-piracy patrol on the radio.
3. Your ship must not stop at night. Moving ship is difficult target to the pirates. Lookouts have to be on their post in order to see suspicious night activity.