BSEE update on platform fire investigation

By Accidents

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) started an investigation about the explosion caused by fire aboard a production oil platform, operated by Black Elk Energy, approximately 18 miles southeast of Grand Isle, La.
A lot of people took part in the search what happened, safety inspectors, engineers, safety management investigators and law enforcement experts.
The operator of the platform will be obliged to take all measures to guarantee the safety of the people working on the platform for future.
The plan for the investigation includes collecting of physical evidence, reviewing the documentation, safety procedures etc.
"BSEE personnel have been working around the clock inspecting the facility, meeting with witnesses and reviewing all available technical documents to ensure that we are able to obtain an accurate representation of what happened on West Delta 32 early Friday morning," informed BSEE Director James A. Watson. "When all of the information is collected and analyzed, BSEE will be in a position to decide which enforcement actions are appropriate and more importantly, how BSEE and the offshore industry can learn from this tragic event in order to prevent loss of life and injuries from future accidents."