MAIB issues the reasons for the fire on board the fishing vessel Onward

By Accidents

MAIB (Marine Accident Investigation Branch ) has showed Accident Investigation Report 27/2012 on the fire on board the FV Onward 60nm off the north coast of Scotland when the vessel was destroyed by the fire on 11 April 2012.
On that day, a fire was has started on board the United Kingdom registered stern trawler Onward, 60 nautical miles off the north coast of Scotland.
Crew members did not try to extinguish the fire and left the ship.
A Coast Guard helicopter rescued them, no one had been injured. The vessel did not cause any harm to the environment.
What the report says:
-The cause for the fire is unknown, probably the fire started in the engine room.
-The system that had to detect the fire was not operational.
-Smoke spread inside the ship because of the doors left open.
-Safety of the ship was at low level.