Rolls-Royce signs 'Environship' agreement

By Finance

Rolls-Royce sign an agreement with Italian firm Lauro Shipping to create new gas-powered Environship-concept ferries.
It is something new, a customer wants to use the Environship concept for a ferry.
Rolls-Royce innovations benefit even cargo ships by reducing the CO2 emissions with the amazing 40% if we compare with the diesel powered vessels.
Lauro Shipping is one of the biggest passenger vessels operators in Italy’s Campania region, connecting the islands of Capri and Ischia and operating in the area of high speed ferries. The firm has acquired Siremar which operates near Sicily.
The new design will be in smaller and larger versions. Rolls-Royce and Lauro Shipping will create the news design together.
The ship will carry not only passengers but also and vehicles.
-Reducing environmental impact
-More energy efficient
-Engine powered by LNG
- Another feature of the propulsion system is the Rolls-Royce Hybrid Shaft Generator (HSG) which produces electrical power from the propulsion engines in the place of running auxiliary diesel generators. This cuts fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.