Opinions – how to fight the piracy

By Piracy

This year the number of Somali pirate attacks fell down considerably, but there is no time for celebration.
However the best way to fight piracy is not known, there are different opinions but...
Pirate attacks declined a lot, a reason for this is that many private security companies defend the ships.
Another reason is the presence of naval forces patrolling dangerous areas. It is not proven yet that tactics will be long-term effective.
Recently European governments approved private securities companies on board the ships. The main complaints against armed guards is that they are firing even against ordinary fishermen.
What about the presence of naval forces, it is criticized also. Governments pay the naval forces to patrol, but it is logical shipping companies to pay for this luxury to be safe.
Often naval officers are applying for private security guards, this causes concern.
Other people believe that if Somalia become rich country there will be no piracy.