Spain is blamed for the tragedy of the tanker Prestige

By Accidents

The master of the Prestige oil tanker which ran aground off the coast of Galicia (2002 year) and caused environmental disaster blamed Spanish authorities.
The captain Apostolos Mangouras claimed at the trial against him that Spanish authorities did not allow the tanker to enter any port after being signalized by Mangouras.
Tons of oil spilled into the area after the ship Prestige sunk. The oil tanker split in 2 parts. The Greek captain is now 77 years old. He complained that he is considered as a criminal and that the Spanish authorities did not try to help him but they sent the ship back to the Atlantic where the bad weather finished the ship.
The court have called for a jail term of 12 years and 4 billion euro in damages. The captain spent 83 days in a Spanish jail after his ship sаnk.
Apostolos took the oil tanker in September 2002 and reported that he had not seen any damage on the ship. He claimed that he did not know that the ship Prestige had been banned from some ports.