As of today, Thorco and United Heavy Lift join forces and create THORCO PROJECTS. By combining the two companies’ fleets, expertise and know-how, they aim for THORCO PROJECTS to become a major player within the project and heavy lift market, offering clients a full range of services, the highest quality and ultimately the best solutions.

A Great Match
The project oriented carrier Thorco has one of the largest fleets in the world. A large fleet, which together with the size and diversity of their vessels, creates a flexibility which makes Thorco able to handle just about all types of commodities and reach anywhere in the world at any time. United Heavy Lift, established by industry leader Lars Rolner, serves the project and heavy lift market, raising the standard of performance and quality within the industry.

Thorco and United Heavy Lift Join Forces

Thorco cargo ship Thor Commander - Image courtesy: Thorco

Two company profiles which according to Lars Rolner complement each other very well. ”The way we complement each other in respect of clients and markets couldn’t be any better. Thorco has many years of expertise and a large and diverse fleet. We have very strong engineering skills and posses a deep know-how within heavy lift. Together our combined fleet and experience enable us to provide a full range of services, offering everything from general and project cargo to heavy lift, with vessels geared up to 800 tonnes and deck carriers which can load units up to 8,000 tonnes,” he says.

Thomas Mikkelsen, CEO and Partner in Thorco, agrees and adds, “also geographically we have different strong points which can benefit us mutually. All in all, our profiles fit each other very well and by joining forces, we believe we are creating a very solid and even better platform, meeting the needs and demands of all our clients. In this way, THORCO PROJECTS can simply cover the entire project market.”

Solid Backing
Both parties are privately and family-held companies. Thorco by the global conglomerate THORNICO, owned by Christian and Thor Stadil, and United Heavy Lift by Lars Rolner, who has more than 30 years of experience within the industry. An ownership which makes the two companies and thus THORCO PROJECTS highly flexible. A flexibility which also played a huge part in making THORCO PROJECTS a reality.

“We are two privately owned companies and the link from idea to execution is very short. Therefore, we are able to strike when a great opportunity like this presents itself. The process of forming THORCO PROJECTS has consequently been prompt and very good,” Christian Stadil says.

The two companies already know each other very well which, furthermore, eases the process. “Both of us have known the people behind each others’ companies for many years. There are good and long-term relationships between our employees which naturally make things more smooth. We are really looking towards the future with great aspirations,” Lars Rolner ends by saying.

Source: Thorco Shipping