16 Years Sentence to Somali Pirates

By Piracy

For attempts to hijack the Italian ship Montecristo on 1st of June, 2011 the 8 Somali pirates were sentenced to 16 years.
Francesco Scavo, public claimant left the bunker courtroom of Rome's Rebibbia jail a satisfied person.
The 1st instance trial of the group of Somali pirates charged with the attempts of hijack of the Italian merchant ship Montecristo ended today with a heavy sentence: the 8th pirates were sentenced to sixteen years in jail; Ahmed Mohamed Ali, thought to be the leader of them, obtained a nineteen years sentence.
It took 9 months to finish the 1st piracy trial in Italian contemporary history and, obviously, the sentence has rewarded all the logistical and investigative efforts.
The Public claimant's charges were assumed by the court, with an important "but": the judges didn't accept the idea that the Somalis actions were somehow linked with the Al Shabab Islamist militia, as Scavo had attempted to prove. Nevertheless, the defendants were sentenced guilty of attempted hijack of the twenty-three strong crew members on board of the Montecristo, and Italian criminal code punishes this crime with from twenty-five to thirty years in jail.
Since the crime wasn't actually committed but "only" attempted - the Montecristo crew members didn't give up the vessel and from the armoured citadel kept control of her - the maximum was reduced by 1/3 and lowered to the closest figure: sixteen years.