Cargo vessel Volgo Balt 199 sinks off Turkey coast

By Vessels

Few hours ago Volgo Balt 199 sank in the Black Sea off the Turkish coast. 2 people died trying to find the 10 missing crew members of the cargo vessel.
Two rescuers have died while searching for the crew of the cargo ship that sank in the Black Sea off the Turkish coast, and 10 people remain missing.
There is information that one man (crew member) died and four have been rescued. The reason for the tragedy is a storm near Sile, Istanbul.
There is another vessel at risk, tug boats are trying to help despite the difficult conditions and the storm in the area. Helicopters, boats and the Coast Guard continue the rescue operation.
2 rescuers died because their boat was tossed against rocks and sank. 3 more people from the rescue team are missing.
The Volgo Balt 199 was transporting coal to the Turkish port of Antalya. On board were 11 Ukrainians and a Russian. The last contact and signal from the ship was at 07:30 GMT.
BBC Adriatic suffered mechanical problem and also has to be rescued.