Sunken vessel MV Swanland suffered 'structural failure'

By Accidents

A cargo ship MV Swanland sank last November taking 6 lives. The reason for this tragedy is an immense "structural failure" before sinking of the ship. Investigation reports proved that.
A storm with 4m waves caught (Llyn Peninsula) MV Swanland which was transporting quarry stone.
The Marine Accident Investigation Branch interim report explained that the ship sank in around 15 minutes. It is not clear why almost all of the crew members perished and why the structural failure happened.
The tragic incident from 27 November 2011 happened only a day the ship collected a 2, 730-tonne cargo of limestone at Raynes Jetty.
Even the rescue operation could not rescue the ship because it sank to fast.
2 people of the crew were rescued, 1 body was found and 5 more from the crew were missing
despite the efforts of searching for survivors.
The body of the deceased chief officer showed that he was not wearing a lifejacket.