Sea Trucks Group (Sea Trucks) announced on Friday (Oct 7) the contract award of an International Oil major to West African Ventures, Sea Trucks’ principle Nigerian business, for the provision of an accommodation vessel to a deepwater field, offshore Nigeria.

Sea Trucks Group announces Contract Award in Nigeria

The scope of work covers accommodation support services for 250 pax, as well as to provide marine logistics support for the execution of the turnaround maintenance work scopes during the turnaround project.

Jascon 30, one of the group’s DP3 accommodation construction vessels, has been nominated for the scope. Jascon 30 is equipped with a 270 mT heave compensated main crane. The vessel features accommodation for 296 persons, a heave compensated gangway and 700 m2 of unobstructed deck space. The accommodation capacity of Jascon 30 will be increased with a Portable Accommodation Block (PAB), which will be installed on the deck.

Offshore activities are scheduled to commence in October 2016 for a duration of 3 months firm, with options to extend.

Graeme Pennycook, Sea Trucks Group’s Managing Director, commented: “We are delighted with the award of this significant project which reflects the well established reputation of our in indigenous business, West African Ventures as a reliable partner for accommodation projects in Nigeria.”

Source: Sea Trucks