Baltic Ace and Corvus J UPDATE: Searching for the missing crew continues

By Accidents

Rescuers of the sunken BALTIC ACE vessel gave up hope of finding more people of the crew members in the frigid North Sea off the Dutch coast, reporting today (December 7, 2012) they are searching for the bodies of the 7 crew members still missing. That brings the presumed death victims of the collision to eleven.
The search for the missing people was hindered with high winds and rough seas Wednesday night, and it was stopped shortly after 2 am. Rescue airplanes, helicopters and vessels were heading to the region to resume the search this morning, but the icy conditions made survival impossible.
Overall 4 bodies were discovered on Wednesday, and 13 survivors are in safe.
The 148-metre (485-foot) BALTIC ACE sank after hitting with the 134-metre (440-foot) container vessel CORVUS J in darkness close to busy shipping lanes some 65 km (40 nautical miles) off the coast of the southern Netherlands coast. The reason of the accident between Baltic Ace and Corvus J is still investigating.
The Dutch waterways agency told it had sent a ship to the area of the collision to guide other shipping in the busy area around the sunken wreck and use sonar equipment to define exactly how deep and where the Baltic Ace sunken vessel was lying on the seabed. The agency stated it is in contact with the vessel’s owner about possible salvage actions.
The Baltic Ace was carrying a cargo of cars and sank quickly as its crew members of twenty-four people tried to abandon the vessel.
It was manned by qualified crew members of one Bulgarian (Todor Demerdzhiev, who is in safe), Poles, Ukrainians and Filipinos; but identities of toll, survivors and presumed dead crew members haven't been released. There were 4 of the saved crew that flown to a hospital in Rotterdam and 7 to a military hospital in Belgium. They are all expected to recover their health conditions.
Janusz Wolosz, an official with the embassy of Poland in The Hague, stated that 2 Polish seamen of the crew have been confirmed dead, 3 are missing and 6 crew members, including the captain who is also Polish, are recovering in hospital after being saved by the rescuers.
“They were all really well-qualified for their responsibilities,” stated Mariusz Lenckowski, of the agency who employed the Polish crew members of the sunken Baltic Ace.
Sandra Groenendal of the Dutch Safety Board told accountability for investigating the collsision between the Baltic Ace and Corvus J lies with the states under whose flags the vessels were sailing – the Bahamas and Cyprus – because the accident occurred outside Dutch territorial waters. However, she also told, it was very possible those states would seek Dutch assistance.
You can see the EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of the Collision between BALTIC ACE and CORVUS J at: VesselFinder