UPDATE of Baltic Ace and Corvus J collision

By Accidents

The collided vessel Baltic Ace was carrying some 1 400 cars of Mitsubishi. The twenty-four crew members included eleven Polish (including the Captain), one Bulgarian, Filipino and Ukrainian nationalities. From them thirteen were fortunately rescued, and between them six Polish nationalities including the Captain. All of the survivors are expected to fully recover their health conditions.
There are five dead bodies were found so far, six are still missing with no hope of being alive, considering the circumstances. Dutch police identified the 5 victims whose bodies have been discovered as 2 Poles, aged 47 and 50; 2 Filipinos aged 30 and 51; and 1 47-year-old Ukrainian.
You can see on the photo the other vessel involved in the collision - Corvus J what damages has experienced after the collision between her and Baltic Ace on December 5, 2012.
Corvus J did not give way to Baltic Ace as she had to in accordance with The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea and kept on her course. Baltic Ace was too late with her action to evade the accident. Corvus J with her bulbous bow ripped the car-carrier vessel Corvus J open like a tin can. Car-carries with their huge cargo decks need not much time in case of deck flooding, to get unstable and capsize.
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