The Seychelles a prohibited area for pirates

By Piracy

The last year Somali pirates stopped attacking ships off the Seychelles islands. Probably you did not hear news regarding this subject.
Why so?
A year ago UAE(United Arab Emirates), India, U.S. Helped the Seychelles Coast Guard to grow stronger and to fight piracy in the area.
India gave a Dornier 228 maritime reconnaissance aircraft to authorities of Seychelles for 2 years plus 2 helicopters. Indian warships patrol areas near the Seychelles islands.
The UAE helped with $15m for founding new naval base for the Coast Guard and sent patrol boats. Patrol boats armed with machine-guns are enough to keep pirates away. Last year there were several fights with pirates since then Somali gangs decided not to attack this area.
The Seychelles have a small population (85, 000) and almost no existing military force. That made the islands easy target for pirate gangs. For example India wants neighbors to be safe in order to defend all ships trespassing the area.
All common efforts stopped pirate attacks.