New Ship Propulsion Control System by Voith

By Curious

At SMM based in Hamburg, Voith company presented a functional model of the new engine-ship propulsion control system for Voith Schneider Propellers and Voith Radial Propellers.
The new kind of systems is projected to propose different new electronic control and assistance features that include faster actuation and more precise control of the propulsion systems, remote diagnostics through the internet connection and communication via range of interfaces.
The new vessel control system is going to be supplied for the 1st time in the last quarter of this year (2012) and is going to be available as a series product from mid-2013 onwards. Voith Company for the 1st time created the entire control system in-house. This detailed solution is underlined by the uniform Voith design of the bridge components: Joystick, steering wheel and propulsion control lever were constructed in collaboration with Stuttgart University taking into consideration ergonomic characteristics.
Voith already has a successful record of collaboration with the university during previous projects such as the Voith Radial Propeller since the Stuttgart University degree course "Design" requires a degree in engineering. This assures that the focus isn't just on esthetic and haptic aspects but also on optimum handling as well as on functional problems.
To track the propulsion units, the new control project records all data as well as faults. Monitoring may be done from the bridge as well as from the machine or propeller room. The new electronic control system and assistance features lower the fuel consumption of the propulsion units. The control features may be tested on Voith's own ship simulator. Communication is though interfaces such as CAN bus, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, Profibus DP or NMEA.