The grounded tanker ship during Hurricane Sandy was moved

By Accidents

The Sandy Storm Pollution Response Unified Command lifted and moved the tanker ship John B. Caddell from its position on Staten Island, N.Y. They used the crane barge Chesapeake 1000 to a maritime facility where it may be safely assessed on 11th of December, 2012.
The John B. Caddell is a 184-foot tanker vessel that washed ashore as a result of high winds and floodwaters from the Sandy storm, posed both an environmental and navigational threat to the New York waterways.
"It was a large and complicated undertaking where safety was our top concern. We cooperated with our port partners to get the ship safely moved from the grounded position in Staten Island to an awaiting maritime facility in order to fix the pollution threat from the environment," stated Lt. Cmdr. Tedd Hutley, Deputy Accident Commander for the Sandy Storm Pollution Response Unified Command, "Everyone was entirely engaged to perform the mission safely."
The Sandy Unified Command worked with the New York Police Department to handle street closures to keep public safety.