Sea Trucks Group (Sea Trucks) announced on Thursday (Oct 20, 2016) a contract award from an Oil Major in West Africa.

STG is pleased to announce the award of an inspection, maintenance and repair contract for an Oil Major in West Africa with commencement during Q4 2016. STG will use its multipurpose support DP2 vessel the Jascon 55, a construction barge and a spread of its own conventional vessels for the works.

Contract Award for Sea Trucks Group in West Africa

Graeme Pennycook, Sea Trucks Group’s Managing Director, commented: "We are delighted that, in the present difficult market, Sea Trucks has been awarded this significant contract. This award demonstrates our ability to offer clients a tailored project solution based around the client’s requirement and utilisation of our unique marine assets. In these difficult times we remain competitive and responsive and our wide fleet makes us an ideal partner for miscellaneous survey inspection and intervention works."

Source: Sea Trucks