Master of a cargo vessel arrested after breath test

By Curious

A cargo vessel has been confiscated at a Devon port after the captain was held on suspicion of alcohol drinking.
Police helped by the officers of Maritime and Coastguard Agency attended the cargo ship Sandettie anchored at Teignmouth Docks just before 6 p.m. on Saturday.
It is said that the master of the Dutch-registered cargo vessel was breathalysed and subsequently sent in detention.
A spokesman for Devon port and Cornwall Police confirmed they had attended a vessel on Saturday evening.
"A male was breathalysed and hold in detention and the vehicle has been impounded at this time," he told.
The Sandettie cargo ship, that measures nearly 90 meters in length and when full weighs just under 3 000 tonnes, arrived at the South Devon port from Brunsbüttel in northern Germany on 12th of December, 2012.
The cargo of the vessel is not known, but it was due to sail to the Netherlands.
A spokesman for the Coastguard of Brixham confirmed the officers had attended the vessel at Teignmouth.
He also added that the vessel would be able to sail as soon the minimum safe number of crew members were on board.