NATO: Somali pirates failed to capture any ship for a half year

By Piracy

Shipping industry has to take measures in order to defend from Somali pirates (their primary goal is to capture a ship and to ask for a ransom).
NATO representatives announced that for 6 months not a single vessel have been captured off the Somali coast. Pirate activity sharply decreased along the busiest shipping routes.
International efforts attributed to the success along the coastline, increased security and pressure over Somali pirates.
Many countries from NATO, European Union and also the United States, Russia, China, Japan, India and other nations with their vessels took part in patrolling the region.
Bekkering, who until recently commanded NATO’s 4-warship flotilla in the region, explains “This has been the 1st clean slate for a long time.”
But still, pirates hold 5 ships and 136 people seized in previous years.