5 people kidnapped after attack by pirates

By Piracy

Medallion Marine's tanker SP Brussels is the latest target attacked by pirates. The ship was looted near Nigeria and 5 people(Indians) were taken hostages.
Gulf of Guinea is rich on oil and is in risk of pirate attacks. 3 days ago the vessel (SP Brussels) was attacked by armed pirates 40 miles of the Niger Delta – information from the owner company. The bandits searched for valuable personal belongings and when leaving the ship took 5 hostages.
Nigerian Navy did not announced anything for the moment. The oil and chemical tanker is built 2007, 7654 Deadweight, length overal 115m.
Nigeria is in the top 10 in the world for exporting crude oil and delivering 80% of the fuel products needed for 160 million people.
The risk of piracy off the Niger Delta is higher.