Stena Primorsk runs aground near Port of Albany

By Accidents

The oil tanker runs aground after leaving the Port of Albany. Stena Primorsk was transporting 280, 000 barrels crude oil and was heading to News Brunswick, Canada.
It is said that the tanker's steering system suffered a mechanical failure just after leaving the port.
The oil tanker Stena Primorsk is 550 foot, British-flagged. The cargo is not spilled, the ship had to transport it from North Dacota. The cargo is not damaged and there are no environmental issues for the moment.
U.S. Coast Guard has a plan to move the ship in order to be repaired down the river. But first the oil has to be pumped from the barge to lighten the tanker Stena Primorsk.
There are divers in the water to see is there any damage and how serious it is.