With the help of Deltamarin’s cutting-edge expertise and open-mindedness, the company is constantly creating unique and useful solutions for its customers. Being an acknowledged trendsetter and thinking one step ahead, the Company brings something new to the market. One example of Deltamarin future-minded way of thinking is an internal ship design competition that the Company organised to challenge its designers.

In the competition, the designers were encouraged to reflect on possible future vessel designs and let even their imaginations run wild. Seven expert teams participated in the competition and created their visions of future ships. The teams presented both insightful passenger and cargo vessels, including alternative ways to utilise the sea as a source of energy.

Winner: Activity cruise vessel

The Zero Emission activity cruise vessel concept was chosen as the winner of the competition. The internal panel of judges felt that the concept succeeded in creating a clever and efficient vessel design that responded both to future megatrend demands and challenging energy reduction needs.

Deltamarin Designers Think Out-Of-The-Box To Envision Future Ships (Video)

The Zero Emission ship is a luxury cruise vessel that future customers can sail without harming the environment, as it is completely environmentally neutral and does not use any fossil fuels. The ship has four fully automatic wing sails and uses solar energy and fuel cells as its power source. A wind energy option is also available. The Zero Emission cruise ship has great manoeuvrability.

In terms of the activity available on board, the vessel is not only a standard cruise ship but much more. It enables new ways of cruising for holiday-makers who like to keep busy. Passengers can live the same active life on board as onshore, and even more. The multiple possibilities for pastimes enable a cruise experience of a lifetime. This cruise vessel has a tower that can be lifted up when the vessel is anchored. In addition to the spectacular views from the top, this observation tower has provision for special activities like zip-lining and bungee-jumping. Other pastimes offered include wall climbing, surfing and floating bungalows. Passengers can also admire the miracles of the underwater world from windows beneath the waterline.

Technical features

The vessel is designed to carry up to 540 passengers. There are 230 balcony cabins, 28 window cabins and 6 aft suites reserved for passengers. The main dimensions are 160 m in length overall, 53 m breadth and 8 m draught. The service speed is 12 to 15 knots at design draught. Dimensions are scalable according to customer needs.

Technical challenges were intertwined around the fact that there are no fossil fuels used on this ship so the energy consumption needed to be arranged in a way that supports this. The SWAT Hull form is utilised as the basis of this concept.

Time will tell what the future holds but it is certain that today’s ideas will materialise on future vessels one way or another. Stay tuned to hear more about the other concepts developed to boost shipping in the future, such as alternative energy sources and efficient operation and cargo-loading solutions.

Watch the film presenting the ship and the activities on board:

Source: Deltamarin