EUNAVFOR – fighting the piracy again

By Piracy

Two weeks ago the warship BNS Louise Marie((Belgium)) frigate part of EUNAVFOR) detained 5 pirates near the Somali coast and now a suspicious boat were detected and 3 suspected pirates were found.
The warship part of the European Union's counter-piracy team – Operation Atalanta was patrolling these days the area off the Horn of Africa for securing the sea routes.
The pirate skiff was detected in the morning 400 miles off the Somali coast by a Swedish patrol aircraft.
BNS Louise Marie went quickly at the location where the suspicious boat was detected. The counter-piracy team boarded the skiff and detained the suspected pirates. Investigation for evidence have started. The men were sent to a Somali beach.
Counter-piracy patrols will continue to secure the region off the Somali coast.