Coastguard rescues people who wanted to get close-up look of Costa Concordia

By Accidents

5 German cruise ship passengers wanted to look closely the wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship risking their lives.
There were 2 children in this group. The small boat of the tourists was swamped by waves and strong winds. All had the effects of the cold but had been rescued by the coastguard.
The tourists were from Costa Magica, a cruise ship from the same Costa Cruises fleet. Costa Concordia is still in the same location lying on rocks. Near the Giglio harbor.
The tourists hired a boat from Porto Santo Stefano and sailed without any problems but after 10 miles the weather changed and the small boat experienced a lot of problems. Despite the bad weather it managed to stay on the waves and picked up by the coastguard.
The tourists admitted that their desire to visit the wrecked ship was stupid. The danger of sinking was high but they had good luck.
It is understandable that Costa Concordia is an attraction and a lot of people would like to visit it by catching a ferry from Porto Santo Stefano.